by Catherine Kay

When Worsooz meets her estranged father Nick, her mother Alberta is immersed in a secret relationship with girlfriend Anne and building their plan to rid the world of domestic violence. Isolated and disgusted by her mother’s relationship, Worsooz is lured into criminality by her father Nick and immerses herself into a secret world where only men can belong. Set in the late 1980’s Worsooz is a semi-autobiographical story of how far one girl will go for the love of her father.

'This is extremely well written, the characters invite emotional investment and several socio-political themes are explored through their stories. Worsooz has an original setting at its centre that immediately draws the reader / audience in. It has finely detailed characterisation, playful dialogue and both touching and funny moments. A promising voice.'
The Paptango Playwriting Award (London)

Other work published by Playdead Press; Just One Day