World and Time Enough


by Sarah Sigal

2014. Celia appears to be the woman who has it all—a high-flying career, financial security and a picture-perfect family. But then a friend from her past reappears and the certainties of her spotless life start to crumble.
1936. Pamela, a journalist, is assigned to interview little-known American socialite Wallis Simpson. What starts as piece on cocktails and couture becomes dangerous when she meets Charlie, an MI5 agent monitoring the relationships between Simpson, the Prince of Wales and German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.
1646. With the men of the village away fighting, Lady Anne’s Royalist household is struggling to survive the winter with Cromwell's Army bearing down on them. When Joan, Anne’s illegitimate half-sister and suspected witch, shows up on her doorstep looking for protection, Anne is faced with a terrible choice.

World Enough and Time interweaves these three stories in a provocative new play about women’s lives in political landscapes.

World Enough and Time was first shown at the Park Theatre.