By Alexander Millington

Three Way is collection of three interlinking monologues. One character struggles with his sexual identity, which he feels is being defined by his partner. A second who, after numerous failed relationships, has turned to a financial transaction in an attempt to find love. And a third, whose discoveries about her father’s past make her desperate to see him happy.

Collectively these monologues explore topics of identity, regret, shame and love across a spectrum of life experience and ask the questions ‘Does your partner define you?’, ‘What was your first time like?’, and ‘What secrets do your family keep?’.

Three Way is designed to not only be inclusive but also to help remove the stigma behind being an openly bisexual man in the twenty-first century.

‘This play reaches out to the bisexual community like a salute to our existence. It says loud and proud “we see you, we hear you and you’re not alone”.’ Istoria Lit

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