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The Woyzeck / Spare

Image of The Woyzeck / Spare


Two plays by Sebastian Rex

The Woyzeck adapted from the play by Büchner
“Well, this was a fascinating case. A fantastical case, almost. A decent murder. A real murder. A wonderful murder.”
The Woyzeck only wants to live his life and support his lover and their child. But society has other ideas for him. On the eve of Büchner’s bicentenary this modern interpretation of the play pits Woyzeck against all the other characters in his life who push him to the point of madness.

“I don’t care about what causes things because caring won’t do any good. There is no reason for things. These things happened. They just did. Nothing caused them. They just happened.”
Twelve-year-old Qwerty responds to a newspaper ad and finds Sam. Voorty is accosted by Sam on the street on the way home.
Pranty will do whatever Sam wants because Sam is Pranty’s special friend. Spare is a raw, provocative and humorous look at human brutality and sexual abuse.  

Both plays premiered at the New Diorama Theatre, London