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The Status of the Cat

Image of The Status of the Cat


by Sean Elliott

"The drunks and beggars shout each other down,

a lash of light, the kebab stalls, the smart
and shaven bouncers by their doors, and drawn
to certain clubs, the girls who make crowds part,

unworldly seers with a far off stare,
the Goths and pseudo-vampires gliding past,
defiant, for a time, at Time, aware
that immortality will never last."

From Home Through Camden

Sean Elliott grew up in Devon and now works in London. He was encouraged to write poetry by Peter Levi. Written in an accessible style, Elliott's work extends from the poetry of place and cultural inheritance to poems of lost love and the ironies of contemporary life choices.

'Elliott’s mini-collection is beautifully crafted and he pulls off that most difficult trick: making poems that are both instantly accessible and worth re-reading.'

Patrick Osada on Waterhouse and The Tempest