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The Me Plays

Image of The Me Plays


by Andrew Maddock

Exciting young writer Andrew Maddock’s The Me Plays present a semi-autobiographical look at growing up in Wembley, complete with discussions of male body image, internet pornography, Roman Catholic schools & Rap. Expect laughs & lows in a series of monologues that look at what it means to be somebody finding their way in the world under the pressure of the new digital age.
Me has met a girl on Tinder and his brand new red jumper doesn’t fit. But why leave the house when there is a million other fish in the digital sea? “Junkie” is a sharp witted emotional journey into everyday averageness and the rise of the digital age.

We join Me, on the eve of his biopsy, as he takes a look back at his tearaway teenage years stuck inside a Roman Catholic School. Expect Adidas Poppers, Dr Dre, Bunking French & Loudon Wainwright III. “Hi Life, I Win” is a nostalgic journey that anyone whose ever been a teenager can relate to.