by Abigail Hood

A bedsit. A young woman in trouble. A park. A missing teenager – and parents searching for answers. Struggling to cope with the disappearance of their teenage daughter, Tom and Gill’s marriage is left in tatters. In an attempt to numb his pain, Tom makes a decision that has an irrecoverable and unexpected impact on their lives and the lives of those closest to them.

Spiral explores the human need to cling to another person, no matter what the cost. What happens when trust breaks down? Can other people save us? Or must we save ourselves?

"A powerful play executed with panache. Classy, thought-provoking… a consistently mature and potent drama"

"Effectively unsettling new writing that relishes its ambivalence..." 
The Stage

"Love and lust, comfort and perversion, perform a twisted dance in Abigail Hood’s disturbing new play." 
Time Out

Spiral was first performed at the Park Theatre, London and then at Jermyn Street Theatre, London in August 2023.