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Image of SILENCE


By Nicola Werenowska

What holds families together?
What tears them apart?
What’s hovering in the silences?

1996. London. It’s Ewa’s birthday, her daughter Anna is coming home from University with a secret to share but Grandmother Maria has some news of her own.

As wartime memories of Siberia resurface, old steps are retraced to uncover the secrets of the past and a Polish heritage that unites and divides them.

Nicola Werenowska’s funny and fascinating new play hurtles between Warsaw and London over two decades and three generations of a Polish/British family.

‘Strong performances’ The Stage
‘Astutely funny, bittersweet observations’ The Spy in the Stalls
‘It’s a story that needs to be told, and this is a production that shows Werenowska at her finest’
‘A poignant, emotional piece of theatre’ Colchester Gazette