Gigi Star and her magic vocal cords


By Kit Sinclair

In this adult fairytale for the modern age, Gigi Star’s Saturn is Returning which means she is, quite frankly, astrologically f*cked.

In her 27th year, she makes a dubious moral choice, literally goes to Hell and back all whilst battling her self-doubt.

Buckle up baby, things are about to get bumpy…

Underscored by breathtaking live music, Gigi, the voice of Doubt and a squad of bizarre rebels go on a mission, learning some hard truths along the way.

Can we ever atone for past mistakes? Will Gigi reconnect with her true purpose? Does self-doubt ever really serve us?

Forget knights in shining armour, this is about overcoming assholes whilst wrapped in tinfoil.

First seen at Applecart Arts, London