Generation Games


After a sell-out, OffComm-winning try-out run in 2021, this double bill of one-act, comedy dramas returns for its first full production run. Both plays have been substantially revised and improved since that development run.

The plays both portray the differences of perspective, the insecurities and the simple misunderstandings – sometimes heart-breaking, often hilarious – between men who grew up in different eras, with different expectations and values.

“A Certain Term”
by Michael McManus, directed by Bryan Hodgson

“It’s not dying young that’s an offence against nature for a gay man, you know. It’s growing old. We become invisible.”

When 40-something Graham is approached by 20-something Joe in a gay bar, he little imagines how profoundly his life could be changed by this brief encounter – especially when a mysterious visitor appears from nowhere, closely connected with Graham, yet uninvited, unexpected and alarmingly indiscreet. How can lost souls find one another – and how can we learn to heal and to let go?

“I F-----n Love You”
by Charlie Ross Mackenzie directed by Ed Applewhite

“We just take it for granted. All of it. Floating from one day to the next. Trying desperately to shake off that shadow called regret. Running away from it so fast that we never stop to look around us.”

There are those nights, those perfect nights, when the world is put to rights, you look into the soul of the person closest to you and connect with their humanity. Well this isn’t one of those! Simon and Adrian are getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Trouble is, sleep is difficult when you’re on the sofa bed and prone to overthinking things. As they uncover many things thought forgotten, dealing with fidelity, death, weak bladders and Bucks Fizz, this will be no easy night’s kip.