Two sisters. One diagnosis. Seven different bathrooms.

Flushed follows inseparable sisters, Marnie and Jen, through a whirlwind of bathroom chats and encounters, as they navigate the highs and lows of their early twenties. A hilarious yet heartbreaking portrayal of sisterhood and the incomparable bond forged between cubicle walls, Flushed is a celebration of strength and an answer to that age old question: why do girls go to the bathroom in pairs?

Flushed initially ran at 53two in Manchester from the 27th - 31st of March 2018. The production returned to 53two for the Greater Manchester Fringe from the 15th-16th of July before heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to perform with Underbelly for the duration of the festival.

Flushed was performed as part of Fertility Fest 2019 at the Barbican Centre, as part of the Young, Gifted and Infertile event, which also featured various talks and panel discussions about fertility and attitudes towards women’s health. The show was followed by various talks and discussions centred around issues of fertility and women's health.

Flushed was performed at Park Theatre, London in October 2021