Released 20th February 2024. All orders will be shipped after this date.

By James Lewis

noun: flashbang: a grenade that produces a bright flash and a loud noise so as to stun or disorient people without causing serious injury; a stun grenade.

Ryan and his gang were going to be mates forever...
Living their lives in the same cycle as everyone else in a town which was just like any other. Living for the next night out. Living for the weekend. Getting into and out of trouble. Work. Pub. Sleep. Repeat.

Ryan and his gang have seen it all, done it all, lived it all. The nights they wished they could remember and the mornings after they’d rather forget.

Ryan and his gang were going to be mates forever…
But then came the night when everything changed.

Proforça Theatre Company in association with The Lion & Unicorn Theatre presents critically -acclaimed Flashbang – a luminous, affable, and emotional rollercoaster ride through the ties that bind five best mates together and what happens to those friends when the world falls apart, brought to you by the critically-acclaimed team that brought you At Last [2019]; Feel [2018 / 19]; Feel More [2018 - 2020] and the Offie-Nominated Lately [2021].

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