Daddy Issues



Written and performed by Anna Krauze.

If you ever thought you may have "daddy issues" or know someone who does, this show is for you. *

Natalia, a Polish immigrant, wants to succeed as a painter (she mainly paints vulvas, but is happy to get commissioned for a d*ck or two), but instead, she’s a phone sex worker (“what is that, Mr Vasiliev? You would f*ck your daughter if she would allow it?”) receiving calls from older men seeking a “young girlfriend experience”. Oh, and she has her own daddy troubles.

Daddy Issues, created by the Passing Stranger Theatre Company is a fast-paced dark comedy about childhood trauma, sex work, bedroom fantasies, imperfect feminism, immigration and life of an artist.

"Sticks two fingers up at the patriarchy." Everything Theatre

"Krauze is a confident and accomplished performer."

"Phenomenal storytelling. Definitely has the potential to be a show talked about for years to come." Theatre503

After touring the UK and playing various venues in London, Daddy Issues played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2022