30 and Out


by Kit Sinclair

“Mum, forgot to tell you - I’m a lesbian. Sorry it’s late - fifteen years late, but grab a rainbow flag and don some Docs... I’m 30 and I’m coming out.”

On her 30th birthday, Kit left her twenties, her boyfriend, and the closet. While her friends marry, have babies, and get mortgages, she is starting from scratch in a whirlwind of drugs, clubs and heartbreak.

Join Kit in this hilarious, sexy, and painful portrayal of what it means to start life all over again. Is it too late to be a lesbian? Does she need a cat and an undercut? Will coming out complete her?

Using touching interviews, innovative projection and powerful storytelling, Sinclair takes us on a memorable journey about drawing your own blueprint, discovering identity, and losing yourself along the way.

It’s a coming out story... decades late to the party.

30 and Out was first performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2023.